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  • RSVP FOR LOCATION Independence, KS, 67301 United States (map)

Admission: $3  /  Nail Trims: $10  - All funds raised help support Bunnies in need through MCRS!

South Saint Paul Hoppy Hours are two hour sessions.  Bring your rabbit or rabbits for some social time with other bunnies. You are sure to have a great time watching all the bunnies and talking with other bunny lovers. All bunnies need to be sterilized and in apparent good health in order to participate.

On the bunny “playground” will be a few small agility obstacles for the buns to enjoy, but this is not a class. Mostly, its just a time to hang out and enjoy the cuteness of bunnies at play.  If you haven’t been to the SSP location, you must RSVP in order to get directions to attend. To RSVP email,

Rabbit supplies for sale – South St. Paul

Pick up hay & pellets for your rabbit while also supporting homeless rabbits. We also carry an assortment of grooming supplies, dishes and bottles, toys, books, and other items. Read more about what supplies MCRS has to offer.


  • All bunnies need to be sterilized and in apparent good health in order to participate. Please check your rabbit before bringing them to Hoppy Hour for: Nasal discharge or sneezing, Runny eyes, Tipped head, Lethargic behavior or loss of appetite, Mites, Fleas and Scaly skin. If you are sick, stay home. Fever, sneezing, and coughing transmit germs. We also want to keep our humans who attend the packed Hoppy Hour events healthy.

  • Only staff wearing name tags may be on the mats during Hoppy Hour, all other humans must be off the mats. No reaching, grabbing, or crawling onto the mats to get a rabbit (even your own). We know they’re adorable but this is your rabbit’s special playtime!

  • No feeding of rabbits. Many things can make them sick and some are on restricted diets.

  • Children must always be supervised and no running.