Rabbits love to jump, explore, and figure out obstacles. Would you like to see your bunny jump and hop on command? Rabbit agility classes allow your bunny to engage in those activities and are also an ideal way to interact and have fun with your rabbit, providing a perfect bonding experience for you and your rabbit companion. Tunnels, ramps, and jumps are a challenge for the explorer bunny. The agility training program also provides exercise and mental stimulation for companion rabbits by mimicking the types of obstacles a rabbit would find in the wild. The various Band level classes teach you how to properly and effectively communicate with your bunny. Rabbit agility also improves your rabbit’s social skills and confidence in new surroundings.

We use only bunny-friendly, gentle methods in our Agility Training Program. Our instructors use training methods that are fun and easy for all family members. Please feel free to observe our classes without your rabbit if you have any questions or concerns about our methods.


All rabbits must be at least 6 months of age and have been spayed at least 4 weeks before beginning class.  Rabbits must be bright eyed, alert, and healthy before and during the course period.  It is best if your rabbit is part of your family at least one month before beginning class so they are familiar with you. Hoppy Hour is a great way to accustom your rabbit to socializing with other rabbits before beginning agility.

A harness and leash are needed prior to the start of the class. It’s best to acclimate the rabbit to the harness at home, so they are used to it when you arrive at the first class. MCRS volunteers are available at any of our events to show you how to properly fit your rabbit with a harness. All of our events are listed on our calendar.

The H-style or vest harness is the appropriate style and are available for purchase at AHS and several local pet stores. This style harness applies pressure to your rabbit at the rib cage not at the neck like a figure 8 harness. For leashes, a 4’or 6′ nylon, cotton, or leather leash, no wider than ½-inch is recommended. No double-handled leashes, chain leashes, or retractable leashes, please. These can be dangerous to the rabbit.


Rabbit Agility is taught at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley every other Sunday morning before Hoppy Hour. Because of space and time limitations new classes only begin every 4-5 months.

You will spend your first 3 band levels in the beginner area learning your basic skills. Each of these band levels is 5 class sessions and the cost is $25.00 per rabbit.  When you graduate to Blue Band, you will join the advanced students in the auditorium. To register, send an email to agility@mncompanionrabbit.org.

Band Level Descriptions

  • White Band: Rabbits will learn socialization skills as well as leash walking skills, foot, and verbal cues. This is the most important level as it lays the foundation of listening.
  • Yellow Band: Intro to Agility obstacles. Rabbits will learn to hop over 4″ jumps and negotiate short tunnels and the A-frame.
  • Green Band: Rabbits will be introduced to the bridge and curved tunnels. Jump height and spread increase. Emphasis on more voice cues and less use of foot cues.
  • Blue Band: The tire jump and teeter are introduced. Continued emphasis on verbal cues. Jump height and spread continue to increase.
  • Purple Band: Reliability is stressed. Rabbits learn to recall to handlers from distance and discrimination of obstacles by name. Water jumps and other complex obstacles are introduced.
  • Red Band: Off-leash reliability is stressed. Obstacle sequencing is more complex.