Supply Sales

A variety of rabbit supplies are available at our South St. Paul location during all events. Hay and food pellets are available by the pound. We also have a number of other toys, grooming supplies, and more. By purchasing from MCRS, you are helping us care for the many rabbits that we help each year. Thank you in advance for supporting MCRS and the rabbits with your purchase.

Below are some of the items MCRS carries and their cost (tax included):


Essential Consumables

Hay cubes (1 lb. bag timothy or alfalfa)    $5.25

Hay—timothy or orchard grass    $1.91/lb.*

50 lb. box of timothy/orchard grass    $75.00

Food pellets—alfalfa or timothy    $1.76/lb.*

25 lb. bag of pellets—alfalfa/timothy    $33.00


Essential Equipment

High-back litter pan    $12.86

Large cat litter pan    $5.36

Water bottle, 32 oz.    $5.89

Small dish, 4 oz.    $2.00

Assorted toys and treats    prices vary