What do rabbits eat?

Rabbits require free-choice hay to maintain digestive health.  Rabbit diet is comprised of a limited amount of pellets, unlimited amounts of hay and a selection of greens daily. Always have fresh water available. 


Meet Magee

Hello! My name is Magee and I am a healthy and handsome young rabbit.  One of the things that stands out about me is my amazing litterbox skills and my respect for cords. This means I am perfectly fine being free-roam or having out time with you, just remember to bring my litterbox for a pit stop. I’m not very interested in chewing your cords because I have so many of my own toys!
If you like to binge-watch netflix and chill on the couch, I’m your dude.


Since its founding in 2002, MCRS has helped more than 1000 rabbits find new homes and many more rabbits have benefited from our education efforts. MCRS is primarily operated by volunteers, having just one part-time employee. All of our programs are dependent on donations. Make a difference in the life of a homeless rabbit - donate today!


Our educational programming includes; Bunny Basics, an email hotline, Hoppy Hours, day camps in partnership with the Animal Humane Society, a maintained database of information on our website, speakers for educational experiences and more!

Our foster and adoption programming includes a small number of fosters who work with the local shelter systems to help lower their euthanasia rates and raise their adoption rates.


 Note: Hoppy Hour at South Saint Paul is canceled today (2/20/19) due to the weather. Stay safe and warm at home with your Bunny!

PHOTO CREDIT // Amanda Suchorski

PHOTO CREDIT // Amanda Suchorski